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Fortnite Large Party Support - Create a 16 player lobby

Here's how to create a 16 player lobby in Fortnite thanks to the game's newly added Large Party Support.


Fortnite fans can now step their lobbies up to 16 players thanks to the game's new Large Party Support. Given the popularity of the game and players' penchants for linking up with their friends, Large Party Support in Fortnite is a feature that was all but inevitable. Even better, it's not at all difficult to learn how to create 16 player lobbies in Fortnite. Here are all the essential details.

How to create a 16 player lobby in Fortnite

Making use of Large Party Support to create a 16 player Fortnite lobby couldn't be any easier. Pulling together a big squad is basically as simple as putting together a small one: Simply keep inviting players to the party until the lobby is full.

As long as the player's game client is up-to-date, head to the main Fortnite screen and look for the tab near the bottom labeled Squad Formation. From there, players can choose the squad size they prefer — Crab Squad is five players, Bear Squad is nine players, and Dragon Squad requires 13 players minimum.

Understandably, things can get pretty chaotic if the players aren't all on the same page. Things are very likely to get noisy as well, but if pulled off properly, some truly bizarre and magical things can happen. Take this screenshot uploaded by Twitter user Misteh_Andrews for instance:

Fortnite Large Party Support - How to create a 16 player lobby
Absolutely terrifying.

There's little more fearsome than a squad of 16 sentient, humanoid bananas raining destruction upon the island and dabbing on the graves of their enemies. Thanks to Large Party Support in Fortnite, such hellish nightmare scenarios can now come to pass.

There's really nothing slowing battle royale fans down from creating 16 player lobbies in Fortnite. Thanks to Large Party Support, huge crews can finally link up for some truly hilarious hijinks. Just be sure to double check those VOIP levels. Stay on top of the latest developments in Epic Games' hit battle royale title by heading over to Shacknews' Fortnite home page.

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