32-player Rush mode hits Battlefield 5 for limited time

32-player Rush, the mode that originally debuted in Bad Company, comes to Battlefield 5 in the second chapter of Tides of War.


As Tides of War continue to crash into players, DICE's first-person shooter evolves with new modes, gear, and opportunities for highlights. This time around, Battlefield 5 is officially welcoming back the 32-player Rush Mode. In Rush Mode, two teams battle to bomb or disarm a series of objectives while moving progressively through a map specifically modified to create a focused Rush experience.

Battlefield 5 tides of war chapter 2 rush mode 32 player

Rush is a mode that originally debuted in Battlefield: Bad Company and comes to Battlefield 5 as part of Tides of War via Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. 32-player Rush is available to play on the Twisted Steel, Narvik, and Devastation maps. It will be available from March 7 to March 20. If you need a refresher on what Rush entails, here's the official synopsis from the Battlefield website:

A 16 versus 16 experience, soldiers will enter the match on the attacking or defending team and must fight to control sectors by either bombing or disarming objectives. Attackers must plant explosives on two objectives in the sector before running out their limited number of respawn tickets. Defenders need to hold the line and try to stomp the offensive or be forced to retreat.

In Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, the free Tides of War service for all Battlefield 5 owners has also introduced four-player co-op. The four-player squads tackle a handful of objectives across four of the game's maps, working in tandem to take out AI enemies. Sometime this month, DICE will also be debuting the Battlefield take on the battle royale mode with Firestorm. The timing of its launch comes after Apex Legends, another experience from a team under the umbrella of Electronic Arts, and fans will be curious to see if this new take on the genre will draw in the existing Battlefield 5 audience and also grab some eyes from other places.

Battlefield 5 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Stay tuned to Shacknews for gaming and tech updates.

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