Another Sonic movie leak shows the hedgehog going fast

Following a leak made earlier this week, new promotional material for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie finally shows the blue speedster running.


A lot of the attention that the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has garnered concerns the new look for Sega's classic blue blur. In addition to being even more anthropomorphized than its original cartoon-inspired design, the updated hedgehog also includes separate eyes and fur-coated arms. Despite the changes, many of the press images we've seen through leaks so far were still recognizably Sonic. It's kind of hard to say that when he's actually running, though, at least when judged by the latest leaked image.

This even-more-recent leak comes to us courtesy of TSSZ, who reported on another Sonic movie render leak which has apparently since been verified by a Paramount employee. This new image, which is featured in the header above as well as the embed below, finally shows Sonic doing what he does best: running. It also looks objectively bad: given the low quality of the image, Sonic looks more like a guy in a Sonic costume than a computer-generated model.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie CG running render leak
The latest Sonic the Hedgehog image leak. Note: this image has been turned from vertical to horizontal orientation.

We reported on the previous leak just two days ago, wherein a style guide for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie started making the rounds online. Among additional glimpses of Sonic's new look, the promotional material also showcased some product design images and included "brand personality" qualifiers to better outline Sonic's overall attitude.

Given all of these early looks at the film, it's kind of hard to say what Sonic fans should expect. We do at least know that Sonic the Hedgehog seems to have some star power behind it, as legendary talent Jim Carrey will be voicing Doctor Eggman while actor and comedian Ben Schwartz will be voicing the titular hedgehog himself. Expect to learn more as the Sonic the Hedgehog movie inches closer toward its November 8 release date.

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