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Leaked Sonic movie style guide sheds light on hedgehog's form

A leaked style guide for the upcoming Sonic movie gives players a new glimpse at the blue speedster and some unexpected details concerning the hedgehog's personality.


Film and game fans have been eager to learn more about the upcoming Sonic live-action movie ever since it was first teased. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the silly when promotional images for the movie showcased a remarkably unsettling style for the azure hedgehog, notably featuring smaller, separated eyes. Now a leaked style guide for the movie has surfaced online, and fans soak in the live-action-yet-still-CG Sonic in all his updated glory.

These leaked details make our way to us via ResetEra, where forum member AlexFlame116 first offered up the style guide images. Aside from the new look at Sonic himself in a promotional image (the one featured at the top of this story), the leak notably includes a style guide which describes Sonic's general personality and demeanor. According to this guide, Sonic is "irreverent and sarcastic," "heroic and adventurous," "confident and competitive," "mischievous but not malicious," and finally "chill and likable." Who knew.

The leaked style guide for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie
The leaked style guide for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie

The promotional materials also include a few ideas focused on branding and marketing. Blister cards for unidentified products have already been created, as have general concepts of the movie's branding elements including logos and typography. The whole thing is clearly meant for internal sources, but it does at least paint a picture of how far ahead the filmmakers have to think.

Of course, the success of the Sonic film also relies in the hearts and wallets of movie fans as well as Sonic's dedicated followers. It's likely that the gamers who were put off by Sonic's updated look will still be put off by it now, even though seeing the blue blur from a few different angles does at least round out the character's overall look. As for how well this leaked Sonic movie style guide works in the long run, we'll just have to wait to see how the film does in box office. Expect to learn more around the time Sonic the Hedgehog hits theaters this November.

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