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Reach Power Level 640 with Power Surge Bounties in Destiny 2

Players with the Annual Pass can pick up several Power Surge Bounties to reach Power Level 640 quickly in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.


Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter has finally arrived, and players can dive into the latest content for Destiny 2 today. If you’re still struggling to reach Power Level 640, though, then Bungie has a deal for you. In fact, owners of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass will be able to pick up Power Surge Bounties, which allow them access to 640 Power gear in a quick and easy fashion.

Players looking to make use of the new Power Surge Bounties can visit The Drifter and talk to him today. He’ll have access to four bounties that players can complete to earn gear with a Power Level of 640. These bounties will require players to do different things like complete a strike, kill 50 enemies in strikes, and even complete a match in Gambit and send 5 blockers through to the other side.  You’ll need to have reached Level 50—which is the max basic level in Destiny 2—before you can make use of the new Power Surge Bounties.

Destiny 2 introduces Power Surge Bounties
You can complete Power Surge Bounties to reach POwer Level 640 quickly.

Once you complete these things, you’ll be rewarded with two pieces of gear that will help bump your level closer to 640. If you complete all the Power Surge Bounties that The Drifter has available, you’ll easily reach Power Level 640 without much trouble. If you’re planning on diving into the Season of the Drifter, make sure you know how to get the Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Weapon as well as how to get a Weak Synthesizer.

If you haven’t hit Power Level 640, visit The Drifter today and pick up your Power Surge Bounties so you can reach the new max Power Level cap as quickly as possible. You can also head over to our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide, where you’ll find an assortment of strategy content to help you as you strive to make your path as a Guardian.

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