Light is the final entry in the Smash Ultimate Summit

After a hotly-contested Grand Finals against ESAM, Paris 'Light' Ramirez is going to Smash Ultimate Summit.


The field for Smash Ultimate Summit has been set. One of the first major invitational exhibitions for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from the folks at Beyond the Summit, Smash Ultimate Summit is bringing together some of the top names from both the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U worlds. And tonight, the 16th and final competitor added his name to the pack. It's Paris "Light" Ramirez, defeating Eric "ESAM" Lew in the Grand Finals of this weekend's Ultimate Nimbus event in Norwalk, CA.

ESAM rode the lower bracket through the start of Top 24, but managed to claw his way into the Grand Finals, including the man who knocked him to losers (Ramin "Mr.R" Delshad) and Saleem "Salem" Young in the Losers Finals. The first Grand Finals set was mostly set in Smashville and was closely contested, but ESAM was able to maintain control throughout the final round to reset the bracket.

Light used Fox's quickness to assert himself in the first round of the second Grand Finals set. ESAM fired back in game 2, clinching it with a back-throw. He settled down in Game 3, nailing key Thunders to ride to a commanding win and go up 2-1. Light's reads were more on-point in Game 4, as he juggled Pikachu with Fox's up-tilts and scored a pair of KOs off of Fox's up-smash and a back-air.

The final game went to Town & City, where ESAM started off aggressively, juggling Light to 100% quickly and KO-ing him in short order. ESAM kept hitting the lightning loops to devastate Light's second stock early. That left Light playing defensively, taking an opening as ESAM whiffed on a critical forward-smash. ESAM settled down and spiked Light with the down-air, but quickly shot himself in the foot with a sudden self-destruct to even things up at one stock a piece. Light saw his opening and nearly took it with an up-air, but missed with that and an up-smash. ESAM tried to close in, but Light caught him with an up-air coming in and clinched the series and a trip to Summit.

Here are the other names set to attend Smash Ultimate Summit:

      • Armada (Adam Lindgren)
      • Plup (Justin McGrath)
      • Mew2King (Jason Zimmerman)
      • Leffen (William Hjelte)
      • Mang0 (Joseph Marquez)
      • MkLeo (Leonardo Lopez Perez)
      • Dabuz (Samuel Buzby)
      • Nairo (Nairoby Quezada)
      • Cosmos (Brian Kalu)
      • VoiD (James Makekau-Tyson)
      • Samsora (Ezra Morris)
      • ZeRo (Gonzalo Barrios)
      • Gluttony (William Belaid)
      • ZD (Zack Darby)
      • Zackray

The field was determined by 11 invites issued out by Beyond the Summit, along with the top 4 placing non-invited players from February's Genesis 6 major. Smash Ultimate Summit will be held in the Summit Gaming House, which has been home to previous Smash Summits, as well as other major events, like Dragon Ball FighterZ' Summit of Power, CS:GO's cs_summit, and DOTA 2's DOTA Summit. Beyond the Summit is also set to host the upcoming Summit of Time, a summit event for April's Mortal Kombat 11.

The Smash Ultimate Summit is set to begin this Friday, March 8.

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