New Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer 2 and poster appear

The explosive follow-up trailer to the first Detective Pikachu spot brings the heat with new footage.


Detective Pikachu is back for another round, and the newest trailer is the best one by far.

After Ryan Reynolds did us all a favor and tweeted it into being, the movie's new trailer is finally here. This new Detective Pikachu footage gives us a new glimpse at Pikachu's origins, as we see him (voiced by Ryan Reynolds, of course) stumbling around looking for clues on his identity. We see him meeting up with Tim Goodman for the first time as he relates the story, and Tim freaks out, as one would obviously do if a Pokemon walked up to you at all, let alone began talking like a human.

It also appears that Pikachu is addicted to caffeine, which we learn early on the trailer. Aren't we all, though?

"I can stop whenever I want. These are just choices," the electric mouse rattles, clearly unable to get over his love for coffee.

There's a variety of new Pokemon seen in the trailer, including Snubbull and Lickitung as well as a nice little group of adorable frolicking Bulbasaur. Angry Jigglypuff makes an appearance as well, in addition to a mystically fluffy Eevee.

The action-packed featurette gives us a look at some of the more exciting moments, with a peek at Pikachu trying to attempt a battle with Charizard. Yeah, not gonna end well. 

The new Detective Pikachu movie poster.
The new Detective Pikachu movie poster.

There's even a look at Mewtwo as the trailer comes to a close. What role will the Pokemon play in the movie? We'll have to wait and find out, unfortunately.

Oh, and if you thought you'd seen the last of Mr. Mime, he's back at the very end of the trailer with some fun riffs on pretending to ride a motorcycle. He can't even do that very well, as he mimes a crash and burn. Poor Mr. Mime!

If the new trailer has you pumped, get ready to grab your tickets. Detective Pikachu is bringing its electric blend of humor and Pokemon to a theater near you on May 10. That's only a couple of months away, so you've still got plenty of time to start and finish the original Nintendo 3DS game, too!

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