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Fortnite v7.40 content update teases limited time Driftboard

The limited-time Driftboard item and Driftin' LTM are among the latest additions offered in Fortnite's update version 7.40.


Looking for fresh new Fortnite content? Worry not, the team at Epic Games has you covered. The latest update version 7.40 has arrived in Fortnite, and among the latest new additions are the Driftboard item and Driftin' limited-time mode, which allows players to snowboard race with opponents in order to become the last team standing.

The Driftin' LTM is made possible through the Driftboard item, which explains why the snowboard is being offered as a limited-time addition. The Driftin' game mode pits two teams of 32 players against one another in a track with all chests and ammo boxes removed. In their place will be Red Supply Drops, which will rain weapons, ammo, and additional Driftboards across the Fortnite map. Health and Shield will regenerate over time when using the Driftboard, meaning players would be wise to avoid any and all incoming fire. Once the final member of the opposing team has been eliminated, victory will be achieved.

According to the official Fortnite blog, the latest version 7.40 update also introduces the new Catch! LTM, where all guns are replaced with grenades and grenade-like weapons. Like with Driftin', the rules of the game are slightly tweaked: chest and floor spawns are set to 100, and increased supply drops offer extra consumables throughout matches.

Aside from the new game limited-time game modes, Fortnite update version 7.40 also makes a few tweaks to items. Primarily, the base availability of Balloons, Gliders, and Dual Pistols have all been reduced, with Dual Pistols in particular reducing in availability from 1.39 percent to 0.66 percent overall.

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