Interview: Don Mustard on how Fortnite has evolved

We had a chance to catch up with Don Muster, the Creative Director on Fortnite to talk about the game and how it has evolved throughout development.


It’s not secret that Fortnite began as a very different experience. For those who have followed Epic’s breakout success in the battle royale genre, there was a time when intense battles to be the last person alive weren’t even an idea being tossed around for the game. Instead, Fortnite began as a very different beast, a PVE cooperative base builder with a loose story.

Over time, though, the game has evolved into something much bigger, a worldwide phenomenon available on pretty much every gaming platform available from PC to Nintendo Switch and even down to the smartphone tucked away in your pocket every day. We recently had a chance to catch up with Don Mustard, the Creative Director on Fortnite to talk a little bit about the game, how it has evolved, and what they have planned for the future.

You can check out the full interview above. During our chat, Mustard talks a bit about how the developers are constantly thinking about new and intriguing ways they can surprise and delight the players. If you’ve spent any time playing Fortnite, then you should know how Epic Games likes to keep things constantly changing and evolving. This has helped to draw in a lot of players around the world and continues to keep the game feeling fresh for players that have already put in thousands of hours.

According to Mustard, they are just trying to “…make a world that feels real”. By doing this they hope to continue to push the medium of what games can be. No matter what your stance on Fortnite is, there’s no doubt that the game has reached a massive audience because of how much the developers push it forward. You can check out our collection of Fortnite guides and then be sure to subscribe to the official Shacknews YouTube channel as well as GamerHubTV for more interviews like this.

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