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How to craft ammo and items in Metro Exodus

Learn how to craft the various ammunitions, medkits and items you need to survive the wastelands in Metro Exodus.


Crafting is a new and vital mechanic in Metro Exodus, and as players scour the wasteland, they’ll come across a ton of different resources that they can use. These resources are then turned into things like medkits, ammunition and even air filters for your gas mask. This quick guide will show you everything you need to know about crafting items in Metro Exodus.

How to Craft Items in Metro Exodus

There are an assortment of different items that you’ll be able to craft in Metro Exodus. These things range from filters for your mask, to cans, grenades, molotovs and even medkits. Keeping stocked up on these items will be paramount to your success in the story, and you’ll also want to make sure you keep plenty of resources on hand to restock whenever you find a Workbench. While finding resources might be a bit difficult at times, especially on higher difficulty levels, you only need to find two resources to craft all the items that you can unlock.

Metro Exodus item crafting
You can craft ammo and items at the Workbench.

After interacting with the Workbench, you can then see the various items that you can make. As stated above, these items include everything from medkits to filters for your mask to cans that you can use as distractions. Remember to stay stocked up on these things, that way you’re never lacking while out exploring.

On top of using the Workbench, though, you can also craft some basic items from Artyom’s backpack. The line-up here isn’t as hefty as what you can craft from a dedicated Workbench, but it’s still nice to be able to throw together some extra medkits or filters while on the move.

How to Craft Ammo in Metro Exodus

Items like medkits and filters aren’t the only thing you can craft, either. Alongside your basic items, you’ll also be able to visit a Workbench and put together some ammunition for the various weapons that you have available. Unlike previous Metro games, where you had to purchase or scrounge for ammo, you can also craft it, including Handgun, Rifle and Sniper ammo. You can also craft Buckshot, though each ammo type will take a different amount of materials to craft, so keep that in mind when stocking up.

Now that you know the basics of item and ammo crafting, head back over to our Metro Exodus guide for more help surviving the harsh, nuclear wastelands of Russia.

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