How to buy Crackdown 3 on Windows 10 PC

Learn where to buy and how to get a digital copy of Crackdown 3 on PC.


Crackdown 3 is available on Xbox One and PC, and while Xbox One players have the option of purchasing a physical copy from a store, anyone who wants to buy Crackdown 3 on PC might run into some confusion. Thankfully, finding where to buy a copy of Crackdown 3 on PC is super straightforward.

It’s also worth noting that you can play Crackdown 3 co-op with someone on Xbox One even if you buy it on PC!

How to buy Crackdown 3 on PC

How to buy Crackdown 3 on PC is simple. Simply navigate to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and search for Crackdown 3. The game is not available through Steam, Epic Games store, Origin, or any other service, only Microsoft’s own storefront.

  1. Open up Microsoft Store by searching for it or clicking the app
  2. Search Crackdown 3 in the search box or click the title
  3. Select Crackdown 3 from the list (note that Campaign and Wrecking Zone are included)
  4. Click Buy and fill out the correct information
  5. Install Crackdown 3
Buy Crackdown 3 on PC
Search for Crackdown 3 in the Microsoft Store and purchase either the full game or sign up for Xbox Game Pass.

Crackdown 3 is also available through Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox One. Anyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription can purchase Crackdown 3, even those playing on PC. Most users may find that they have a free 14-day trial if they’ve never subscribed, or if they have, they can take advantage of the current $2 for two month subscription.

To sign up for Game Pass, either select the button when on the Crackdown 3 game page or search for Xbox Game Pass in the Microsoft Store. For a limited time, Xbox Game Pass is $2 for two months – this promotion is likely to end shortly. In the event you are viewing this after the promotion has finished, either purchase Game Pass for the full price or wait until Microsoft has another special.

Keep in mind that Crackdown 3 is a Play Anywhere title. What this means is that digital copies of Crackdown 3 can be played on Xbox One and PC. If you purchase Crackdown 3 on PC, you can boot up your Xbox One and install it there, too. Similarly, if you purchase a digital copy of Crackdown 3 through the Xbox One store, you can get on your PC and download it there.

Buying a copy of Crackdown 3 is incredibly easy, and there are a few avenues for purchase. Players can purchase the game outright as a digital copy through the Microsoft Store or sign up for the Xbox Game Pass and get it for no extra cost. However you choose to purchase your copy of Crackdown 3 on PC, your next step should be to check out the Shacknews Crackdown 3 game guides and walkthrough!

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        I think they're really over-doing the "how to" articles... Is there anyone out there who doesn't know how to buy a game on the windows store?

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      "How to get dat MS promotional money"

      in all seriousness, i completely forgot this game existed and it looks kinda good?

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        Just played for about an hour. It feels crackdowny, but there's something weird about the jumping that I can't put my finger on. Also, driving is terribad.

        Humor is Crackdown, it's fun so far, will update later. I'll say right now though, looking at the map and the speed I got through the first area? If I hit 10 hours on the main campaign then I'll be shocked. This is gonna be a short ride.

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      Sweet! Just got Game Pass for $2 until April and it's installing now. Thank you

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