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How to get crafting metals and materials in Apex Legends

Craft that awesome legendary skin you want by getting your hands on more crafting metals in Apex Legends.


Apex Legends has it all: a refreshing battle royale experience, multiple heroes to play, great gun play, and even crafting. The crafting part of Apex Legends is a long process, and getting more crafting metals and materials is slow going, but it’s easy to understand.

How to get more crafting metals and materials

Apex Legends crafting metals
Apex Packs have a chance to drop crafting metals in various rarity levels.

The primary crafting material in Apex Legends is called Crafting Metals and is represented by a blue icon on the top right of the screen. These materials take a long time to collect as the only way to get more crafting metals is by opening Apex Packs.

Apex Packs can be acquired through one of two ways: they are awarded every time the player levels up and they can be purchased through the store using Apex Coins, the premium currency. This means that it is entirely based on luck and RNG as to whether players get enough crafting materials to make anything. As an example, by level 15, I had 320 crafting metals, barely enough to craft an Epic item. To get more Apex Packs, players will need to level up quickly, which involves winning more games and performing better. Check out the best weapons and gun tier list to help you claim those extra victories needed to level up.

Crafting metals, much like other items, can drop in different rarities. It is possible to get Rare and even Epic quality drops of crafting metals, which will certainly help boost your supply.

How to use crafting metals

Cosmetic items are a major element to Apex Legends, and it’s likely where a lot of player funds will be going as Respawn release new skins. However, players who do not want to spend real world money on digital goodies can use crafting metals to craft cosmetic items they want. This is an excellent option for players who want a specific Legendary skin but don’t have luck on their side with Apex Packs.

Apex Legends crafting skins and cosmetics
Crafting metals are used to craft all the cosmetic items in Apex Legends.

Crafting metals are used to craft specific cosmetic items:

  • Weapon skins
  • Legend skins
  • Legend banners
  • Legend quips (intros and kills)
  • Legend finishers

Every cosmetic item has a specific rating in Apex Legends which affects how many crafting metals are needed to make it:

  • Common – 30 crafting metals
  • Rare – 60 crafting metals
  • Epic – 400 crafting metals
  • Legendary – 1200 crafting metals

With Legendary cosmetic items being so expensive, there’s a good chance most players will be waiting a long time before they have enough crafting metals to unlock the item they want. Perhaps in time Respawn will allow players to scrap some items for a small amount of crafting metals, but until that day comes, the only way to get more crafting metals is through Apex Packs.

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