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Best weapons and gun tier list - Apex Legends

Improve your chances of winning by picking the best weapon for the job in Apex Legends.


There are almost two dozen guns to use in Apex Legends and finding the best weapon for the job can be tough. While weapon preferences are entirely subjective, it could be argued that there are various gun tiers and weapons which should be chosen over others. As the meta of Apex Legends shifts and changes, we’ll be sure to update this list of best weapons and various gun tiers.

Best weapons and gun tiers

Much like other battle royale games on the market, Apex Legends offers various guns for players to use. Almost all of these weapons are viable in different situations, but there are some standout options that will likely become fan favorites.

Below you will find several tables that detail a weapon’s stats, specifically its headshot and body shot damage, the available attachments, and how “good” it is. Use this tiering system to make better weapon choices on the battlefield.

  • Wingman
  • R-99
  • Flatline
  • Peacekeeper
  • Spitfire
  • Longbow


Apex Legends best pistol Wingman
Let the Wingman be your wing man in Apex Legends. High damage and high skill roof means you can knock enemies with some practice.

Pistols will likely be a rather early-game pick up for most players until another option can be found. Out of all the available options, the Wingman is going to be extremely popular due to its raw damage output. Even though it has quite a lot of kick, landing even two headshots is going to be worth it.

Weapon name Headshot Bodyshot Mag size Attachments Ammo type
P2020 18 12 10 Mag, Optic Light (orange)
RE-45 Auto 16 11 15 Barrel, Mag, Optic Light (orange)
Wingman 90 45 6 Mag, Optic, Hop-up Heavy (teal)

Sub Machine Guns

Apex Legends Sub Machine Gun R-99
The R-99 is a great all-round SMG, despite having the lower damage count.

Sub Machine Guns are the excellent alternative to a full auto Assault Rifle, and often excel in close-quartes combat. While the Prowler does offer greater damage per burst, it does require a rather steady hand, and if any shots miss, you’ll be at an immediate disadvantage. The Alternator has a slower rate of fire, making the R-99 the better option.

Weapon name Headshot Bodyshot Mag size Attachments Ammo type
Alternator 19 13 16 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Light (orange)
R-99 18 12 18 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Light (orange)
Prowler Burst PDW 105 70 20 Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-up Heavy (teal)

Assault Rifles

Apex Legends best Assault Rifle Flatline
The Flatline is an impressive Assault Rifle, capable of dishing out large damage without relying on good grouping of bursts.

The Assault Rifles are a bit of a mixed bag. Some players might prefer the burst fire of the Hemlok while others opt for a full auto variant like the Flatline. Though the R-301 offers full auto, because it uses light ammo it’s going to be dealing less damage than its Flatline counterpart.

Weapon name Headshot Bodyshot Mag size Attachments Ammo type
VK-47 Flatline 32 16 20 Mag, Optic, Stock Heavy (teal)
Hemlok Burst AR 72 54 18 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Heavy (teal)
R-301 28 14 18 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Light (orange)


Apex Legends best shotgun Peacekeeper
The Peacekeeper is brilliant at burst damage, and in the right hands can out-play the ease of the EVA-8's auto fire.

Though the EVA-8 can fire in full auto, it's rate of fire is just a bit too slow to be worth the ease of use. The Peacekeeper however, offers great burst damage. In skilled hands, the Peacekeeper is going to be the better option, especially when you take into consideration the damage difference. The Mozambique shouldn't be ruled out, as it's an incredibly handy weapon, offering the fastest rate of fire. When all three rounds hit, players can reach dangerously high damage levels.

Weapon name Headshot Bodyshot Capacity Attachments Ammo type
EVA-8 Auto 90 63 8 Mag, Optic Shotgun (red)
Peacekeeper 165 110 6 Mag, Optic, Hop-up Shotgun (red)
Mozambique 64 45 3 Mag, Optic Shotgun (red)
Mastiff (legendary) 288 144 4 N/A

Light Machine Guns

Apex Legends best Light Machine Gun Spitfire
Both LMGs excel at dishing out damage, but the spool-up of the Devotion means potential damage loss.

The Devotion has quite a long spool-up time, making it risky when you’ve already been hit. The Spitefire, however, deals more damage and comes out the gate at full auto. In saying this, if you can reach the full RPM of the Devotion, it will be dealing more damage overall thanks to its larger clip.

Weapon name Headshot Bodyshot Mag size Attachments Ammo type
Devotion LMG 34 17 44 Barrel, Optic, Stock, Hop-up Energy (yellow) 
M600 Spitfire 40 20 35 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Heavy (teal)

Sniper Rifles

Apex Legends best Sniper Longbow
The Longbow offers the most attachment slots, as well as impressive damage without the wild spread displayed by the Triple Take.

The Triple Take offers the most damage out of the non-legendary options while the Longbow offers the most attachments. For some users, the Scout will be the best option thanks to the light ammo type and quick rate of fire. In any case, the Kraber should always be picked up, as it’s a one-shot down when hitting the body.

Weapon name Headshot Bodyshot Mag size Attachments Ammo type
G7 Scout 60 30 10 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Light (orange)
Longbow DMR 110 55 5 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-up Heavy (teal)
Triple Take 138 69 5 Optic, Stock, Hop-up Energy (yellow)
Kraber (legendary) 250 125 4 N/A

The landscape of a battle royale game is forever changing, and Apex Legends is no different. Choosing a weapon in the heat of battle isn’t easy, and it’s made even more difficult with random drops and player preference. Though some weapons can be considered the “best” or “top tier guns”, it doesn’t always mean they will gel with your particular playstyle, so take the time to find what works best for you.

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