Fortnite's season 7 week 10 challenges have been leaked

Get a head start on the week 10 challenges in Fortnite thanks to some helpful dataminers.


Thanks to some recent changes to Fortnite, players without the Battle Pass aren’t able to see the challenges they might be missing out on, but here are dataminers to the rescue. Each week there seems to be a leak containing the challenges coming to Fortnite, and the final week of Season 7 is no different. For week 10, players will be tasked with completing some pretty simply jobs around the island.

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges

The week 10 challenges in Fortnite come in two different flavors: Free Pass and Battle Pass. Players who don’t have the Battle Pass won’t be able to see or even complete the challenges. In order to get all the rewards for the season, a Battle Pass will be required. However, those players aren’t entirely missing out, as there are some free challenges that anyone can do.

Free Pass Challenges

  • Place a Mounted Turret or a Damage Trap in different matches
  • Search Chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot
  • Assault Rifle eliminations

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage with Scoped Weapons to opponents
  • Get high scores of 5 or more at shooting galleries in this order:
    • Wailing Woods
    • Retail Row
    • Paradise Palms
  • Visit Expedition Outposts in a single match
  • Hit an opponent with a Chiller Grenade or Boogie Bomb in different matches

Visit Expedition Outposts in a single match

One of the Battle Pass challenges for week 10 tasks players with visiting 4 Expedition Outposts in a single match. This is quite an ask, as you will need to travel a decent ways around the Fortnite Battle Royale island. A good strategy might be to use the four northern outposts starting at Snobby Shores, going to the outpost north of Pleasant Park, wrap down to Lazy Links, and finish at Lonely Lodge. Keep in mind other players will be attempting this challenge too, so expect some heavy resistance (or take this moment to boost those stats).

Credit to for the outpost locations.

This leak comes direct from FortniteGameLAT and NoticiasFortnit, who have somehow managed to get their hands on these challenges several hours ahead of schedule. Given the nature of leaks and datamining, there’s week 10 challenges are liable to change, especially if Epic Games wants to surprise players for the final week of season 7.

Considering this is the last week, take some time to look over at the Shacknews Fortnite home page for all the weekly challenges we’ve covered in season 7. There’s still time to earn enough points to unlock some of the cool gear available, even for those who don’t own the Battle Pass.

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