Where to find the merchant in God Eater 3

Learn where the merchant is so you can buy new items in God Eater 3.


While you’ll find plenty of items during your exploration and adventures in God Eater 3, knowing where you can go to buy things outright will prove helpful, especially as you accrue more money. You won’t be able to purchase any items from the merchant at the very start of the game, so you’ll need to play through a little bit before this NPC becomes available.

Where to Find the Merchant in God Eater 3

As I mentioned above, you won’t be able to meet up with the merchant at the start of the game. Instead, you’ll need to put in a good few hours and continue through the story until you meet Hilda and leave your first Port behind. During this time, you’ll also be tasked with finding a first aid kit for Sho as well, so make sure you learn everything about that along the way.

Once you’ve met Hilda and gone through the first little bit of story dialogue on the ship, you’ll be able to start buying things from the merchant. Of course, you’ll need money for that, which you can earn by completing missions and gathering items during them.

God Eater 3 merchant location
You can find Faith in the Lobby of Hilda's ship.

To find the merchant, make your way to the Bridge. From here you can access the mission screen, where you can launch new missions and continue the main story. If you’d like to talk to the merchant, though, you’ll need to head to the back left-hand area of the Bridge—along the upper level. Here you’ll find a door that leads to the Lobby.

Head through this door and into the Lobby to find the merchant, a woman named Faith, chilling on a lawnchair. Talk to her to learn that she’s the merchant, and then you’ll be able to browse her various wares. The Item Shop here has quite a few things to offer you. You can buy things for your Inventory, or directly for your Storage. You can also purchase new Bullets, as well as sell any items that you’ve come across during your travels.

Now that you know how to find the merchant, make sure you also know how to Perfect Guard as well. You can also check out our God Eater 3 guides for more helpful content, where we’ll help you conquer all the Aragami in the game as you learn to master the powers of your God Arc.

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