How to find a First Aid Kit for Sho in God Eater 3

Learn how to find a First Aid Kit and heal Sho in God Eater 3.


As you play through the opening hours of God Eater 3, you’ll have quite a bit thrown at you. Whether you’re new to the series, or just diving into the latest entry, coming to terms with everything can be a bit overwhelming at first. One of the first “side missions” that you’ll come across is a task to find a First Aid Kit for Sho, a young God Eater that you’re locked up with. Finding this item can be a bit tricky, so we’re going to help you out with a quick guide.

How to Find a First Aid Kit for Sho

Before we dive too deeply into the guide, though, I do want to point out that some small story spoilers abound throughout this article. As such, I’d only suggest reading it if you really want to know the answer. Otherwise, just play through the game and enjoy the outcome yourself. This is the only warning you’ll receive for spoilers, so don’t look below the photo included below if you don’t want to spoil it for yourself.

God Eater attacking with a God Arc
Each God Arc offers various attacks and options for the player.

After talking to some of your cellmates and learning about the task, you’ll be given one mission to try to find a First Aid Kit for Sho. Now, as far as I can tell, based on playing the mission a few times, and grabbing every item that I could find within it, there’s no real way to actually find the First Aid Kit. Instead, you’ll just need to play through the mission and continue through the story for a few more missions. Eventually, your group will happen upon an Ash storm barreling toward your port. This is where the game really starts to open up.

After this point, you won’t need to worry about the First Aid Kit as Sho will be getting help from the medical crew aboard your new home. You can return to our God Eater 3 guide if you need more help hunting down the Aragami and mastering the art of using your God Arc.

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