Like a Diamond Challenge Scourge of the Past Destiny 2

How to activate the Like a Diamond challenge for the flawless Scourge of the Past triumph in Destiny 2.


The Like a Diamond challenge in the Scourge of the Past raid is a triumph for completing the raid flawlessly. Players looking to take on the ultimate end-game challenge will need to know how to activate Like a Diamond, as it’s not as straight forward as inputting a code. Even with the Like a Diamond activated, the challenge isn't over, as the next task is to complete the entire raid without dying!

Like a Diamond challenge, Scourge of the Past

Destiny 2 Like a Diamond button
The Like a Diamond buttons will turn green once a player gets close enough.

To activate the Like a Diamond challenge, players will need to find six buttons hidden around the start of the Scourge of the Past raid. These buttons are in difficult-to-reach locations around the Botza District and must be found prior to defeating the first Berserker. Simply walk near the button or stand on it to activate it; the button will turn from red to green. The buttons can be activated in any order, so send one person to each button to activate the flawless challenge quickly.

Because the map is quite large, and accurately describing where to go to find said buttons is difficult, check out the gifs below for an easy-to-follow path. Before even attempting the Like a Diamond challenge, be sure to look over the Scourge of the Past raid guide for some helpful strategies.

Like a Diamond Button 1

This first button can be found at the top of the building directly to the right of the spawn point, closest to the edge of the map. Use the little building before it to climb up, and then the antenna to reach the roof of the taller building to find the button.

Like a Diamond Button 2

The second button needed to activate the Like a Diamond challenge is found on the edge of the map, below the large buildings. Players will need to navigate down into the destroyed basement to find the button attached to a broken pillar.

Like a Diamond Button 3

The third button is located to the right of the spawn point, in the far back right of the map, along the cliff edge. Head to the back corner and use the blue building nearby to climb up high. From the top of this building, look toward the back corner to spot ledges along the face of the building, the button can be seen in one of these ledges.

Like a Diamond Button 4

The fourth button is found in the middle area of the map on a building with several awnings. Head to the map and look toward the rear left of the city to find the building with blue-green awnings, climb up the awnings and onto a balcony to locate this button.

Like a Diamond Button 5

The penultimate button can be found in the far back of the area, diagonally opposite the spawn point. This is right in the back corner, and up on a shelf of the building.

Like a Diamond Button 6

The final button needed to activate the Like a Diamond challenge is to the left of spawn, above where one of the shield generators is located. To reach the button, use the buildings in the middle of the area to climb up high. Look over toward the generator to spot a ledge with the button on it. Reaching the button requires a rather long jump.

Once all six buttons are activated, an on-screen message will appear stating that the Like a Diamond challenge has been activated for the Scourge of the Past raid. From here on out, the entire fireteam will need to complete the raid flawlessly, without any player dying. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more walkthroughs.

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