How to get the Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3

The recent Kingdom Hearts 3 update added a new Secret Movie with specific unlock requirements. Here's how to see the Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3.


There's a new Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3, and players will need to work to unlock it. Like with the Epilogue that came before it, the development team has another special video for series followers who stick around long enough complete the main game. This time, however, the Secret Ending can only be seen once additional requirements have been met. Here's how to unlock and watch the new Secret Ending video in Kingdom Hearts 3.

How to unlock the Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3

Assuming players have installed the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 update version 1.03, there are just two other requirements that must be completed to unlock the new Secret Ending. The first and most obvious is that players must beat Kingdom Hearts 3 and watch the game's Epilogue, which was previously considered the Secret Ending. The second involves collecting Lucky Emblems, with the number of required Lucky Emblems fluctuating depending on which difficulty level was chosen.

If the game is being played on the Beginner difficulty, players must collect all 90 Lucky Emblems to unlock the Secret Ending. If they're playing on Normal, it's just 60 Lucky Emblems. Finally, if they're playing on the Proud difficulty, it will take only 30 Lucky Emblems to view the Secret Movie.

How to view the Secret Ending movie Yozora

Once the required number of Lucky Emblems have been collected, a notification will appear saying the newly-added Secret Movie has been unlocked. To view it, simply head to the main Kingdom Hearts 3 menu, select Theater, then select Yozora. The short video will play out, and players will be treated to an extension to the tale of Sora and friends. Don't worry, we won't spoil it here.

It will take a little bit of work to unlock the secret movie and view the new Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3, but the effort is worth it. Learn more about Square Enix and Disney's latest crossover RPG and get some help tracking down all those Lucky Emblems by heading over to Shacknews' Kingdom Hearts 3 home page.

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