Gold balloon locations in Fortnite

Where to find golden balloons that need to popped for the Week 9 challenge in Fortnite.


Another week, another Fortnite challenge, and for Week 9 players are tasked with destroying gold balloons dotted around the map. Popping all 10 in one match isn’t required, but it will ensure the challenge is completed as soon as possible.

Gold balloon locations

There are more than 10 gold balloons hidden around the Fortnite Battle Royale map, which should make completing this challenge fairly easy. Unfortunately, the golden balloons can be popped by other players, which can result in you missing out on a balloon even though you thought you shot it first. It’s a good idea to get to these locations as fast as possible, as you’ll be completing with almost one hundred other players for the honors.

Fortnite pop gold balloons week 9 challenge
There are a lot of gold balloons scattered around the map that need to be popped.
  • Haunted Hills
  • Between Lazy Links and Haunted hills
  • North east of Lazy Links
  • East of Zartbot’s Block, north of Wailing Woods
  • In Lonely Lodge
  • South of Tomato Temple
  • In Dusty Divot
  • South of Retail Row
  • In Paradise Palms
  • In the middle of Fatal Fields
  • At the end of the river in Lucky Landing
  • In the canyon west of Happy Hamlet
  • At the end of the runway in Frosty Flights
  • Around the south of the mountain near Snobby Shores

Though there are a lot of gold balloons floating around the map, and even though you only need to pop 10 to complete the challenge, this one might not be as easy as it sounds. As mentioned above, you’ll be completing with other players to pop these, so if you miss one, quickly rotate and search another location. If you can't find any in a match, you'll need to try again in the next game.

The other challenge for the week involves finding three locations and dancing on them. Refer to our guide on where to find a sundial, cup of coffee, and metal dog head if you’re struggling to find the locations.

After popping 10 gold balloons, you can kick back and just focus on getting some more victories, as the rest of the challenges involve just playing the game as you usually would. Swing by the Shacknews Fortnite home page for more Fortnite goodness.

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