Interview: Ring shows off new doorbell line-up at CES 2019

Ding-Dong! Ring is here with a new line of doorbells, peephole cams, and motion-activated lights to keep your home safe in 2019.


Doorbells and peepholes aren’t really the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cutting edge technology. For most of their existence, they’ve been a pretty basic concept. Yet, over the last few years, we’ve seen them transition from a simple button that let you know when the milkman was here to an integrated part of home security systems. One of the companies leading the charge in this contemporary field is Ring. While at CES 2019 we got a chance to catch up with Ring and take a look at their latest offerings.

Ring Doorbell Product Interview

Ring has several products that range in cost, but all provide similar services. If you’re living in an apartment they have some models that can replace a peephole with a 720p-1080p wireless camera, depending on what model you buy, to keep an eye out for would-be package thieves that take only a few minutes to install. They also offer more integrated and complex systems for homeowners looking to beef up their security systems. The cams allow you to do things like getting an alert to your smartphone when there’s movement and respond through a built-in speaker.

The company also recently launched a new series of smart lights with motion-activated cameras to keep an eye on things like carports, garages, and backyards. You can take a look at our full interview from the CES show floor to get all the details on what Ring has to offer in 2019:

If you’re looking for some home security options, or are just a fan of integrated home technology, you can learn more about Ring and their entire line of products over on their company website. And be sure to check out all of our CES 2019 coverage to get a look at all the latest and greatest consumer tech coming your way later this year.

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