How to get the High Roller Revolver in Red Dead Online

Learn how to get one of the fastest firing revolvers in Red Dead Online.


If you’ve been playing the Red Dead Online Beta, then you’ve probably already amassed quite a fortune for yourself. Whether you’ve been hunting or completing the various missions available, there is always room in your arsenal for one more gun, especially when it comes to a gun like the High Roller Revolver. This fast shooting revolver can be unlocked extremely early on, offering players one of the fastest shooting weapons in the game. Here’s everything you need to know to unlock the High Roller Revolver in Red Dead Online.

How to Unlock the High Roller Revolver

The High Roller Revolver is one of a few items that PlayStation 4 users have had access to since the multiplayer mode’s original launch a few months ago. If you haven’t picked up the weapon just yet, though, you might be wondering how you can add this item to your arsenal.

The answer here is quite simple. To pick up the High Roller Revolver you’re going to need to load into the game, and then make your way to the closest Fence. There are a number of Fences around the map in Red Dead Online, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one.

When you’ve found a Fence, interact with them and scroll through the list until you find the High Roller Revolver. This fast-firing revolver is the easiest to acquire of the better weapons in Red Dead Online, as the others require you to level up quite a bit through the ranks. Once you’ve purchased the weapon, make sure to select it from your Weapon Wheel.

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