Shacknews Best Nintendo Switch Game of 2018 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Everyone is here! And by virtue of everyone being here and ready to bash each other into the blast zone, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stands out as this year's best Nintendo Switch game.


Masahiro Sakurai has constantly aimed high with each successful Super Smash Bros. game. He's gone into every project with the aim of making it better than the previous one, sometimes at the expense of his own health. For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he set out to make it live up to its name. He's done exactly that and that's why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best game to grace the Nintendo Switch this year.

Best Nintendo Switch Game - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Putting together a cohesive fighter with a big roster is hard enough, but with Ultimate, Nintendo set out to do so with the largest roster in series history. There are over 70 fighters all stepping into the arena, each with distinct styles that carry over from their respective series. There are dozens upon dozens of stages, each designed to evoke the best elements of their represented franchises and franchises from across Nintendo's storied history. There are many different ways to play and the action never gets any less satisfying, especially if you can launch your opponent with your strongest smash attack, a bombastic Final Smash, or one of the many cool items found throughout every match.

Now add in the World of Light Adventure mode, one that stands out from the Subspace Emissary that debuted a decade ago. It's a dynamic overworld filled with varying battles, strong boss battles, thought-provoking puzzles, and an epic final battle. There are also enough Spirit battles and Classic mode runs to keep the solo player active for a long time.

But the real meat is in playing with friends and that experience is better than ever, thanks to the slew of characters and the simple pick-up-and-play style that has defined the series for decades. I can get into the intricacies of World of Light, the technical aspects of team battles and online play, and the solid design of the Spirit Board. But it ultimately comes down to, can I beat my friends up? Can I beat seven of them up simultaneously? That's a resounding yes and that's why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stands out as the Shacknews Best Nintendo Switch Game of 2018.

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