Nintendo teases announcement at The Game Awards 2018

Is Nintendo just adding to The Game Awards excitement or is there something new to reveal?


The Game Awards 2018 is nearly upon us and various entities are dropping teases here and there. Next up is Nintendo, which may just be stirring up some additional excitement for this week's launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

"Make sure to tune in" could mean absolutely nothing, but some are hoping that Nintendo has saved something to reveal alongside the launch of the game. If you're curious when you'll have access to the game, check out our guide on when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases. The Game Awards 2018 celebrates the previous year's best titles across a handful of categories, but is well known for being home to major reveals of new games that are in development. This could be an opportunity for Nintendo to show off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light mode or, simply, hype up fans to pull over Nintendo Switch owners that may be on the fence.

Naughty Dog, Obsidian, and Epic Games have also provided some news surrounding The Game Awards 2018, most good but some not so great. If anyone was hoping for an update on The Last of Us Part 2, Naughty has already squashed any hopes of that happening. That doesn't mean Sony isn't planning to reveal any other exclusives or update on titles already known, though.

Epic Games has launched Season 7 of Fortnite this week and it's introducing Fortnite Creative, which is a private island that players can use to create modes, host battles, build, and develop machinima-like content. The Creative mode has already been revealed, but Geoff Keighley has teased a Fortnite announcement and world premier from Epic Games. That premiere is likely tied to the recently announced Epic Games Store. Obsidian is debuting a new game during The Game Awards 2018 and its a title published by Private Division. The teases thus far have a sci-fi slant to them, but we'll all have to tune in to The Game Awards 2018 on December 6, 2018, to find out. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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