Devolver Digital's Lootbox Coin is back on the market topping all crypto valuations

If you think you have what it takes to waste money with the big dogs, Devolver Digital has a deal for you.


Publisher Devolver Digital made waves at this year’s E3 conference with a stage presentation that was anything but normal. While the normal game trailers were on display, the rest of the show could best be described as weird. One of the stranger portions of the presentation was devoted to the Lootbox Coin, a fake cryptocurrency that was seemingly invented out of thin air by Devolver executives and subsequently put on sale via the company website. After disappearing from the market for months, Lootbox Coin is once again available from Devolver, and it has a market valuation that would make Bitcoin blush.

If you’ve already heard everything you need to know and must have one of these coins now, head on over to the Devolver Digital Merch Store and ensure that you’ve had your credit limited raised recently. The store disclaimer is pretty clear on the fact that Lootbox Coin is not a real currency, but it would not surprise us if some idiot ponied up the $15,000 asking price.

The store listing states, “You can't buy anything with it. In fact, it's insane for you to really buy it unless you want to prove your loyalty to Fork Parker, Nina Struthers, and the Devolver Digital executive board.”

When sales of the Lootbox Coin began back at E3 2018, idiots could buy the coin for around $150. Lootbox Coin promptly sold out. There has been no official word on what has been going on the months since the fake currency first debuted, but today’s resurfacing and astronomical price hike are sure to put it (and Devolver) back into the news cycle. Hell, I’m writing this story about it now. Why? Am I a part of the problem here?

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