Devolver Digital's Bizarre Physical Lootboxcoin Is Sold Out

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Devolver Digital's abysmal E3 2018 conference didn't do much in the way of humor for most viewers, but there was one peculiar announcement during the show that had people talking. The Lootboxcoin from the gaming publisher was announced as what seemed like a fake item, or some sort of ruse from the company, but it turned out to be a real product. You could purchase one, though the price seemed to fluctuate from time to time, so you could pay anywhere from $150 and up for the little piece of plastic. It seems that now you can't even do that, however, because the item is now sold out.

“The officially unofficial Lootboxcoin from Devolver Digital as seen in the Devolver Digital 2018 E3 Press Conference,” the item description read, now accompanied by a large "SOLD OUT" placard. “Please note that this coin is 2.5” in diameter and has no actual value and by no means is to be considered cryptocurrency or a currency of any kind. You can’t buy anything with it. In fact, it’s insane for you to really buy it unless you want to prove your loyalty to Fork Parker, Nina Struthers (Chief Synergy Officer), and the Devolver Digital executive board.”

You can sign up to be notified when and if the item does end up coming back in stock, but being as it seemed much more like a joke than a real thing the company was doing this is probably the last time we'll see the coins available. At least it'll go down as the best joke Devolver Digital had for its E3 2018 presentation. Riffs on cryptocurrency and loot boxes seem to go well together, and this was one the company definitely played the long con with. We can dig it. 

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