Rocksteady co-founder denies Superman game rumors

It's the death of Superman... rumors! Rocksteady issues a denial of recent rumors, while also noting that they will not have a presence at next week's Game Awards.


The subject of Rocksteady's next game appears to be an evergreen topic in gaming circles. All has been quiet from the studio that last released Batman: Arkham Knight. With Batman put to rest, the studio is looking ahead to its next project, which is shrouded in mystery. Rumors have run rampant, prompting Rocksteady Games co-founder Sefton Hill to address them on Friday.

According to a tweet issued on Friday, Rocksteady will not be present at next week's Game Awards broadcast. He did confirm that the studio is still hard at work on its next game, but made sure to take aim at recent rumors that their next game would center around Superman. Hill denied these rumors with a simple statement, "Spoiler: it's not Superman."

Rockstead ruling out the Man of Steel will likely fire up the rumor mill that much further. Given that the last Superman rumor came six months ago, it's safe to assume that DC's big blue boy scout will surface again as a rumored title in the future.

Of course, the question now becomes, what is Rocksteady working on? It's something the gaming public has been asking since Arkham Knight closed the Batman: Arkham Asylum trilogy, with Shacknews even penning a speculation piece as far back as June 2015. Around that same time, there were unfounded rumors of a Rocksteady-helmed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles project in the works, with the rumor still occasionally popping up. There was nothing from the studio at E3 2018. Will they pop up at next year's Sony-less E3? Or will they simply reveal their game on their own schedule, with no tie to anything special? Who knows? Maybe they aren't working on anything superhero or comic book-related at all.

Time will tell, but following this statement, it doesn't appear that Rocksteady will be going up, up, and away. At least, for now.

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