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InXile Entertainment is working on a Wasteland 1 HD remaster

A nuclear blast from the past may be getting a modern makeover from the dev team behind its sequel.


Retro and survival gaming fans may have a new reason to celebrate today if InXile’s Twitter account is to be believed. Supposedly, the studio is working on an HD remaster of the original Wasteland game. The news comes from a twitter reply from the InXile account where they responded to a fan asking if it was something they might do in the future.

The original Wasteland came out for PC in the 1980s and was a precursor to the Fallout series. Many of the devs who helped bring Wasteland to life would actually go on to work on Fallout later in their in careers. The game centers around a group of desert rangers looking to help rebuild society in a post-apocalyptic nuclear war setting. It had several RPG aspects as well and was infamous for being tough as nails.

About four years ago InXile and Obsidian teamed up to release the long-awaited sequel, Wasteland 2, to PC and console gamers. Wasteland 2 brought a lot of the original game’s concepts into the 21st century and was praised by fans and critics alike. I would not be surprised if an HD remaster of the original Wasteland borrowed heavily from its modern counterpart. At this point, though, things like content and graphics are all speculative since all we have to go off of is a brief mention of the project existing on a social media account.

In the meantime, fans can hunt down a copy of Wasteland 1 for their PCs on Steam or GOG if they want to try the original for themselves. Or they can grab a copy of Wasteland 2 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. As of this article's publishing, no details were available on a release date for the Wasteland 1 HD remaster. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more news comes to light.

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