Nintendo Switch Version of Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Announced, Coming Next Month

Switch users will be able to dive into the hardcore post-apocalyptic cRPG very soon.


Wasteland 2: Director's Cut has earned many awards since its original launch in 2014 and still stands as one of the best cRPGs to date. Nintendo Switch users will be able to get a taste of that sweet experience very soon, too, as inXile Entertainment has revealed that the Switch version will launch in August 2018. Here are some of the things the Director's Cut brings to the table:

  • Perks & Quirks: Players can customize their squads even more! Perks & Quirks are special personality traits players can use to give their characters even more life, with their own unique bonuses... and drawbacks.
  • Precision Strikes: Fire on enemies and debilitate them with tactical attacks! Cripple a leg to slow an enemy down, fire on their gun to blast it to bits, or aim for the head to knock them senseless – or blow it clean off.
  • Expanded Voice Over: Over 8,000 lines of new voice-over dialog have been added for the game's characters and companions, bringing the wasteland to life like never before.

Wasteland 2 features over 80 hours of gameplay at a regular pace but, I can say from personal experience, even the most well versed in this type of experience will push over that. Your patience and the Desert Ranger squad you put together will be tested in many ways.

It's strange not to get an exact date this close to the release window, but there are probably a few things to work on that could land it at the beginning or end of the month depending on how things go. We'll update when more is known and you can read up on the latest Wasteland 3 news as well. Stay tuned to Shacknews!

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