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How to earn souls and level up in Darksiders 3

Defeat enemies, earn souls, and purchase Attribute Points to level up Fury in Darksiders 3.


Much like the games before it, players can level up by collecting and earning souls in Darksiders 3. This mechanic is obviously an important one, as Fury will be facing tougher and tougher challenges as you progress through the game. Part of the leveling process will be visiting our dear friend Vulgrim, but before there, you’ll need to actually farm up a lot of souls.

Earning souls

Souls are the main form of currency in Darksiders 3, being used to make purchases as well a level up. Striking a balance between these two things will be key to making advancements through the challenging sections of the game. In order to actually earn souls, players can perform a number of actions:

  • Defeat enemies and bosses
  • Break objects in the environment
  • Use Lurcher Crystals

The first two on this list are fairly obvious to most players: enemies drop souls and souls can be found within vases and the like. The last item on the list, Lurcher Crystals, is similar to Dark Souls’ “Soul of a…” consumable. Find and use a Lurcher Crystal from within the menu to earn a burst of souls.

Much like Dark Souls, whenever Fury dies, the souls she has collected will be dropped on the ground. This adds another layer of difficultly, as fighting well and making it to Vulgrim with enough souls to level up is important.

Vulgrim, souls, and Attribute Points

The way Vulgrim works in Darksiders 3 is kind of like a go-between for souls and leveling up. Players will need to visit Vulgrim at one of his shop locations, feed him enough souls to level up, and then he will offer an Attribute Point. This Attribute Point can then be spent by the player to level up.

Attribute Points can also be found while exploring the various areas in Darksiders 3. Come across a Luminous Visage and shatter it to get a free Attribute Point that works in exactly the same way as those purchased from Vulgrim.

Leveling up with Attribute Points

With the Attribute Point in hand, players will be able to choose what to level up: Health, Strength, or Arcane. These three areas affect Fury in a different way, and how much they increase per level can be ascertained by highlighting each one in turn. Different playstyles will warrant leveling different areas first, though in order to take full advantage of Fury’s power, all three areas should be leveled at one point or another.

Leveling in Darksiders 3 is a straight forward affair, though it does require players earn enough souls to be able to purchase an Attribute Point from Vulgrim. With Fury’s power increasing, make sure to take the time to upgrade her weapons and enchantments, as these will have a direct impact on her ability to quickly and easily dispatch enemies.

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