What is the Fallout 76 refund class action lawsuit about?

Why is Fallout 76 under investigation, and why are the developers at Bethesda being targeted by a class action lawsuit?


Fallout fans have likely heard a lot of chatter recently about a new class action lawsuit investigation centered around Fallout 76 refunds. Following the game's formal launch, users plagued by errors and glitches started seeking refunds, but Bethesda doesn't seem very willing to issue refunds in many cases. Now it appears that one Washington D.C. law firm is seeking out individuals as part of an investigation into a new lawsuit alleging that Bethesa has engaged in deceptive trade practices. Here are the must-know details about the Fallout 76 refund lawsuit.

Fallout 76 refund class action lawsuit details

As with any class action lawsuit details, the case against Fallout 76 developer Bethesda Softworks involves a fair bit of legalese. Here's the brief as provided by Washington D.C.-based Migliaccio & Rathod LLP, the law firm seeking a Deceptive Trade Practices investigation against Bethesda:

In short, the firm is investigating occurrences where Fallout 76 players were denied a refund on the game, specifically in cases where players were deemed "ineligible" for a refund due to various factors. Some players have posited that Fallout 76 was not released on Steam simply to avoid the platform's refund policies, but as it stands now, that claim is completely unsubstantiated. With that said, we certainly can't fault them for trying to better understand Bethesda's stance on Fallout 76 refunds.

The furor caused by Fallout 76's selection of glitches has been one thing, but the backlash over the studio's refund policy is on an entirely different level. Users on the Fallout subreddit seem particularly unhappy, with one reddit post detailing how Bethesda "backed out" of a promised refund garnering over 450 comments and nearly a thousand upvotes. The main point of contention is a rather blunt quote regarding refunds straight from Bethesda support:

As it stands now, Migliaccio & Rathod LLP are looking to hear from players who have tried, presumably unsuccessfully, to receive a refund for Fallout 76 from Bethesda. They're being asked to fill out a form and submit details that can be used in the lawsuit. More information about the suit and how to contact the firm can be found over on the Migliaccio & Rathod website.

If you're not a player affected by the Fallout 76 refund issue, or if you have no particular interest in the lawsuit investigation, by all means, carry on. Shacknews will continue exploring all that Appalachia has to offer, and our full repository of tips, strategies, and hints can be found on our constantly expanding Fallout 76 walkthrough and guide.

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