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Fallout 76 guide and walkthrough

Adventure across the West Virginia wasteland and help rebuild North American with the assistance of Shacknews' Fallout 76 collection of guides, walkthroughs, and combat tips.


Bethesda is conquering a new frontier of Fallout experiences with Fallout 76, a game that fuses the joy of a singleplayer RPG with online multiplayer. This open-world is full of dangers untold, opportunities to grow rich and learn, and co-op adventures to undertake. Let us here at Shacknews help you with everything you need to survive and thrive in Fallout 76.

General guides

How to play co-op
Playing through Fallout game co-op with a friend is an incredible experience and easy to setup.

How to trade with other players
Trading with other players is one of the many ways to earn bottle caps and acquire new and powerful gear.

How to get bottle caps
Bottle caps are the currency of the wasteland and getting a stockpile of them is everyone's goal.

Where to find bobby pins
Bobby pins are everywhere in real life, but a little more difficult to find in Fallout 76.

How to unlock PVP
Players looking for more of a challenge will want to unlock the ability to shoot and kill other players.

Fallout 76 world map - Appalachia, West Virginia
Plot out your journey and mark important locations on this full game map of West Virginia.

How to turn on the flashlight
Light your way through the darkness by turning on the Pip-Boy's flashlight

How to get wood
With trees everywhere you look, it would seem easy to find some wood in Fallout 76, but that's not so. Getting your hands on enough wood to build a mighty base is going to require more effort than walking up to a tree and punching.

Level up and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perk card guide
Learn all about the new leveling up system in Fallout 76, how the new perk cards work, and how to rank them up to increase their strength.

How to save your game
Don't lose your progress in Fallout 76, learn how Bethesda's new game saves your achievements.

How to get purified water
Stop drinking irradiated water and start making purified water!

Where to find Power Armor
Become unstoppable by finding and equipping a full set of Power Armor.

What happens when you die in Fallout 76?
An always-online game is going to have unique death mechanics, and the same holds true for Fallout 76.

How to join the Enclave
Joining the Enclave has some serious benefits, and we know just where players should go to get the whole process started.

Perks and skills

How to pick locks
Cracking open a safe in Fallout 76 isn't as easy as breaking dozens of bobby pins finding a sweet spot, players will need to find and equip specific perk cards.

Fallout 76 Challenges

Searching the wasteland...

Fallout 76 errors

Failed to find world
Finding a world to play in is key to actually playing Fallout 76, so fixing the "Failed to find world" error is a top priority.

Login failed error
Because Fallout 76 is an online game, players may encounter some login errors when attempting to sign in.

How to use keyboard and mouse
Some players on PC are experiencing a problem where their keyboard and mouse are not being recognized by Fallout 76.

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