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Bobblehead effects, locations, and tips Fallout 76

Learn about how Bobbleheads work, where to find them in Fallout 76, and each of their effects.


The mighty Vault Boy Bobblehead is a staple in the Fallout series and they return in Fallout 76. Players will remember the Bobbleheads as a collectible in Fallout 3 and 4 that permanently increases one of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats by a single point, but that has changed in Fallout 76. Bobbleheads no longer offer a permanent boost, but they make up for this with some other interesting effects.

What are Bobbleheads

The Vault Boy Bobbleheads are a collectible item in the Fallout universe that helps boost the player’s stats. In previous games, this boost was permanent, but in Fallout 76 the effect only lasts one hour. Each one takes on the appearance of Vault Boy, Vault-Tec’s cheerful mascot.

How do Bobbleheads work

Each Bobblehead in Fallout 76 is a consumable that grants some effect for one. Whenever a one is found and collected, its effect will be displayed on screen and it will be stored under the “Aid” tab in the Pip-Boy. The effects will not start until after it is activated, so hold on to it until the stat boost is required.

The Bobbleheads titled after the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes increase one attribute by 2 points while the other Bobblehead types give a buff (weapon damage, cap increases, etc). Both of these effects only last for one hour.

Bobblehead locations

Bobbleheads can be found all over the Appalachian wasteland, tucked in dumpsters, sitting on shelves, and hidden away in laboratories. However, Bobbleheads spawn randomly, so while they have set spawn points, they may not be there when you go and check. The type of Bobblehead and its effect is also random, so don’t rely on a certain attribute bonus.

Bobbleheads are also server-side, meaning that if you and a teammate come across a one, only one of you can pick it up. If you find a Bobblehead, remember its location and check back there regularly to collect it again.

Because there are so many Bobblehead locations in Fallout 76, and the spawns are entirely random, it’s nigh impossible to list them all. A good rule of thumb is that every single major location will have a Bobblehead hidden somewhere – so search high and low!

Bobblehead tips

When playing in a team, always check with the other players to see what kind of build they are aiming for so that when a Bobblehead is found, it can go to the player who would benefit most from using it.

The Percepti-Bobble perk card is worth picking up and equipping for any player looking to find more Bobbleheads. To help you find the hidden collectibles, the Percepti-Bobble card will play a pinging sound as you get closer to a Bobblehead. It’s a fairly common card, so expect to receive it as you level up.

Bobblehead effects

Each Bobblehead in Fallout 76 offers a short term boost to one area, whether its to one of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute slots or an overall buff. These boosts last for one hour, so hold onto the Bobblehead until you require a buff!

Strength +2 Strength
Perception +2 Perception
Endurance +2 Endurance
Charisma +2 Charisma
Intelligence +2 Intelligence
Agility +2 Agility
Luck +2 Luck
Big Guns Heavy gun damage increased by 20%
Caps Cap stashes likely to hold twice as many caps
Energy Weapons Energy gun damage increased by 20%
Explosive Explosive damage increased by 20%
Leader Earn 5% more experience
Lock Picking Sweet spot is 30% bigger
Medicine Stimpaks heal 30% more
Melee Melee weapons deal 20% more damage
Repair Fusion cores last 30% longer
Science An extra guess when hacking
Small Guns Ballistic gun damage icnreased by 20%
Sneak Sneaking makes you 30% harder to detect
Unarmed Unarmed attacks deal 25% more damage

Information courtesy of Fallout Gamepedia

Collectibling Bobbleheads in Fallout 76 is a bit different to the previous titles. Bobbleheads no longer give permanent buffs, but more can be collected and stored for later use. Though the Bobbleheads have set spawn locations, the chances of them spawning are random, as is what type of Bobblehead will appear. What's more, they are items shared with the server world, so two players can't pick up the same one. Be sure to work together with your team to figure out who would benefit most from a Bobblehead and the one-hour effect it gives, and look out for the Percepti-Bobble perk card to help you find the Bobbleheads!

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