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How and where to find rare spawns in Pokemon: Let's Go

Some areas in Pokemon: Let's Go are rare spawns where you can find other Pokemon – don't pass them up!


Looking to become a Pokemon Master in Pokemon: Let's Go? You're going to have to spend quite a bit of time crawling around in the tall grass.

Luckily, we know a thing or two that can help you bolster your time looking high and low for Pocket Monsters so that you get as much as you possibly can out of it. Rare Pokemon spawns are a new feature in Pokemon: Let's Go, and you'll want to make use of them whenever possible if you want to collect all of the original Kanto Pokemon! You want to do that, right?

How and where to find Rare Pokemon spawns

Pokemon: Let's Go features several different ways to attract rarer Pokemon to you, and one great way to track them down is to look for rare Pokemon spawns. These essentially mean that rarer Pokemon will spawn into areas when certain conditions are met, such as dropping Lures or heading to certain spots on the map where rarer Pokemon tend to congregate.

Lures that you can purchase from the Poke Mart function in the same way as those you'd use in Pokemon Go. Dropping them will increase the spawn rates of the Pokemon around you. If you stand around in one area and wait for Pokemon to appear, you should see them showing up at a much faster rate than before.

You can check the Pokemon habitat in your Pokedex as well as your map to find out if you've established a rare spawn area. Anything that you find in the game where Pokemon are that aren't listed in the habitat area on the map are considered a "rare" spawn location. There should be several scattered throughout Kanto as you explore, so keep checking your map against what you see around you and you'll know whether you've found a Rare spawn or not. We're still researching and pinpointing exact locations for these Rare spawns, and we'll make sure we update this guide with additional locations when we have more. 

Finding a Bulbasaur in Viridian Forest is a Rare spawn, for example, and they're difficult to find there repeatedly unless you're patient – but that's the name of the game if you want to become a Pokemon Master! 

Now that you've delved into Rare Pokemon spawns, you'll want to start heading out into the world and catching every single Pokemon you can. Be sure to check out the rest of our Pokemon: Let's Go guides for assistance on becoming a world-renowned Pokemon Master.

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