New Hitman 2 trailer details World of Assassination live content

The enhancements to season 1 and launch of the sequel to the reboot are only the beginning for this expansive format for the Hitman series.


Let's take a look at the vast and expanding assassin sandbox that is now available to players. The developers behind Hitman 2, which launched November 13, 2018, have released a new trailer that gives us a sneak peek at the World of Assassination. 

The reboot of the classic assassin series continues with Hitman 2, which evolves from the first title's episodic format. IO Interactive has adopted the World of Assassination format, enhancing the Hitman experience with regular live content updates. Elusive targets started with the previous game and continue with actor Sean Bean, who plays a character called The Undying. That name is absolutely hysterical if you're aware of Bean's knack for playing fictional characters with a knack for kicking the bucket on screen. The Undying goes live today, November 20, and will be available until December 4, 2018. During that time period, players only have one chance to successfully take him out. Don't be the one person in the world that lets Sean Bean survive one of his many fictional ordeals.

World of Assassination starts with Hitman 2, but does retroactively reel in the experiences from the previous launch. The Hitman Legacy Pack features the remastered versions of the six areas from Hitman season one and is a free addition to Hitman 2 if you already owned the game. Hitman 2 and season one, via the Legacy Pack, will have a new progression system, new difficulty modes, enhanced UI, and more. Legacy Pack players will also get a new briefcase, Elusive Targets, and the Blood Money Requiem pack. If you didn't own season one, the Legacy Pack can be purchased in the Hitman 2 store. As stated in the trailer above, "updating and upgrading season one is only the beginning for the World of Assassination, which will continue to expand with new stories, new missions, and new locations long after Hitman 2 is released."

Hitman 2 launched November 13, 2018, and is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Whether you've already stepped into the shows of the legendary assassin or you're starting fresh, bookmark our constantly-evolving Hitman 2 tips, strategies, and hints guide so you can take down your targets in the best or most interesting ways. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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