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John C. Gaeta interview: The future of consumer VR and AR

The creator of bullet time sat down with Shacknews to discuss the finer details of VR tech and how he thinks we'll be interacting with it down the line.


John C. Gaeta is a name that should be familiar to fans of cinematic technology. The man is a pioneer in the visual field and has worked on some of the most graphically stunning movies ever made. He's also the man credited for inventing The Matrix's "bullet time" cameras that allowed for taking 360-degree camera shots. He has been working in visual mediums since before the technological boom of today's modern blockbusters and has a keen understanding of how to keep someone engaged with what they're seeing on a screen. 

We had a chance to catch up with Gaeta at View Conference 2018 to talk about current trends in VR and AR consumer technology as well as where they're going. Gaeta has some unique insight on what will help define the next generation of interactive tools, what consumers will expect from such products, and how we should be training tech to work for them. There's a lot of discussion about fledgling eye-tracking technology as well. You can check out the full interview below:

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