Pixel 3 XL bug offers users 100% more notch for their money

If you can't get enough of modern cell phone notches, a new bug on Pixel 3 XL handsets might make your day.


Apple made waves in the mobile phone world last year when they launched the iPhone X. The handset gained attention not just because it was the new flagship iPhone, but because Apple chose to ship it with a big notch on the screen in the name of shrinking bezels. Predictably, many other phone makers followed suit for their 2018 designs, including Google with their Pixel 3 XL. Love it or hate it, the notch draws attention. Now, thanks to a new bug, some users have found that their Pixel 3 XL phones have an additional notch attached to the right-hand bezel.

You can get a glimpse of the bug in the shot above, courtesy of Kyle Gutschow. There is currently no explanation for the appearance of the second notch. Which phones it affects appears to be random at the moment, though we expect Google to have a fix for the Pixel XL 3 deployed shortly.

For the time being, if having multiple notches on a tablet-sized mobile phone is your fetish, this could be the day your ship comes in. Stay safe out there, sailor.

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