Two Point Hospital administers free Sandbox Mode update to patients

Players who have exhausted the possibilities of the campaign mode can now design their dream hospital.


When Two Point Hospital arrived back in August, it successfully brought back the nostalgia of the classic Bullfrog games of the 1990s while updating the aesthetics for a modern audience. The folks at Sega and Two Point Studios delivered a rock-solid experience with the shipping version of the game and are now offering a free update that grants players a Sandbox Mode where they can construct the healthcare facility of their dreams.

The Sandbox Mode removes the shackles imposed by the campaign scenarios and grants user access to unlimited funds and unlocks all parts of the game’s research tree. Copying and pasting room layouts is now built into the game and really helps to streamline the construction of your hospital. This free update follows a patch that came shortly after launch that amputated the Denuvo DRM from the game.

If you want the full scoop on Two Point Hospital or are curious about how good a wacky hospital management sim could be, check out our full review.

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