How to play co-op in Fallout 76

Explore Fallout 76's West Virginia wasteland with a friend in co-op.


Fallout 76 is unlike any other entry in the series as it allows players to experience the entire game in co-op. Starting up a co-op session with a friend, or a complete stranger, is quick and easy, and only requires a couple of button presses.

How to play co-op in Fallout 76

To play co-op with a friend in Fallout 76 requires players to be playing on the same platform. With this first, and rather obvious, step out of the way, players can begin setting up a co-op session. Players can either join another friend or send them an invite to join their Fallout 76 server. However, just because players are in the same server, does not mean they are on the same team.

  1. Hold the Menu button on Xbox One to open the Social tab or open the map, press the left bumper, and select Social
  2. With the Social tab extended, choose either Recent, Team, or Friends to find the player to invite or join
  3. Select the player and choose either Join or Invite
  4. Once you are in the player’s server or they are in yours, use the Social tab to invite them to your team or walk up to them and hold the appropriate button to invite them

How to accept a co-op invite

Though not really complicated, it is worth knowing how to accept an invite to play Fallout 76 co-op, just in case there are issues. Once an invite has been sent, players will receive an on-screen pop-up in the bottom-right corner. Simply hold the Social button (Menu on Xbox One) to open up the Social tab. Select “Accept Team Invite” to join the team and begin the co-op adventure.

It’s worth taking the time to play co-op with a friend in Fallout 76 as there are certain perks that improve XP gains when playing with someone else. And, as should be obvious, the more players working together the easier it is to take down some high-level enemies – like the dreaded Scorchbeast.

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