Where to find bobby pins in Fallout 76

Finding a bobby pin is all that stands between you and whatever is hiding in that safe in Fallout 76.


The little pieces of metal that always get lost in the real world are one of Fallout 76’s most important items, we are of course talking about the iconic bobby pin. Any safecracker or would-be burglar can tout the importance of such items in Fallout 76 as they allow players to steal valuable goods and enter restricted areas, the only trouble is actually finding the bobby pins in the first place.

Where to find bobby pins

Bobby pins can be found just about everywhere in the game, they can be found on top of roofs, in crates and cupboards, in toolboxes, and in the pockets of your foes. Though the only way you’re guaranteed to get your hands on them is if you buy bobby pins from vendors.

The Responder Vendor in Morgantown Airport sells bobby pins for 13 caps a piece, which is rather expensive early in the game. Keep in mind that picking a lock requires more than just having a bobby pin, your lock picking skill will need to at least match the level of the lock you wish to pick. Because of this requirement, it can be a good idea to avoid paying for bobby pins and spend time scavenging for them.

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