Quake Champions community manager talks returning maps and skill reset

Consistent feedback from the community has pushed id's designers to bring back a few classic maps and a skill reset to shake up the competitive shooter.


Quake Champions community manager Joshua Boyle talked with Shacknews video editor Greg Burke about upcoming new--and new-old--features in Quake Champions, id Software's successor to Quake 3: Arena and Quake Live.

Boyle is well aware of Quake Champions' reputation as a tough game to master. That is by design, and by tradition. "I still think it's one of those things where we have the philosophy of we're never going to make the game easier," Boyle explained. "We're going to make it more fun [because of] the challenge. Quake was never an easy game to pick up and master. It had a high skill ceiling. But making that climb, playing with your friends, playing it together--every [rung you climb] up the ladder makes it more fun."

In that spirit, many of Quake Champions' upcoming and recent changes focused on refining the core experience for those core Quake players. Over the summer, id reset Quake Champions' skill rankings to take advantage of the game's improved matchmaking times--a problem that has nagged at Quake fans since Champions entered early access in 2017--as well as pair players of like skill together to bring about more competitive matches.

Boyle goes into detail on other subjects such as the nitty-gritty of recent patches and the return of classic maps such as The Longest Yard, arguably the pinnacle of railgun sniping since 1999's Quake 3: Arena.

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