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Quake Champions gets The Longest Yard Map, Team Instagib and three more modes tomorrow

A classic weapon skin is also a part of the update along with Athena, the new champion, heading to the test server.


Quake Champions is taking a major step forward with the September update, which releases tomorrow, September 6. The robust download includes new arcade modes, a new map, and some important changes to the party system and matchmaking. Athena, the new upcoming champ, is also headed over to the test servers.

Here are the four new modes:

  • Hot Rockets: All Champions spawn with just the Rocket Launcher. Oh, and those Launchers happen to have infinite ammo and QUAD DAMAGE.
  • Mystery Champion: Start with a random Champion and spawn as a different one each time you’re fragged. The best part? You can spawn as Champions you haven’t unlocked yet!
  • Team Instagib: The one-hit-to-frag classic, now with support for two teams of four!
  • Unholy Trinity: Weapon pickups no longer appear on the map. However, you spawn with Quake’s trifecta of iconic weapons – the Rocket Launcher, the Railgun and the Lightning Gun!

The new arcade modes are only the beginning for Quake Champions players downloading the September update. Longest Yard is a legendary Quake map from Quake 3 Arena and Quake Champions players get to experience it as its added to the game's map rotation. The super shotgun in Quake Champions is also getting a new skin in the form of Trespasser from Quake 2, which you can see in an image below.

The September update also includes a crucial change to matchmaking: Bot Backfill. This allows matches to remain full even if players drop out. The party support for Quake Champions is also extending to all game modes, including free-for-all modes.

Last, but certainly not least, Quake Champions test server participants will be getting access to new champ Athena as the development team monitors her play and irons out the kinks. Athena uses a grappling hook to enhance her mobility, making her a quick threat on offense and tough to take down as well. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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