Destiny 2 Last Wish raid conquered, new Dreaming City content open to all players

Destiny 2's toughest raid to date was finally beaten in just a hair under 19 hours, which means new content is open to all players.


The Destiny 2 player base can pat themselves on the back, because it's mission accomplished. Last week, Bungie tasked Destiny 2's players with tackling the Last Wish raid, included with the recently released Forsaken DLC. And while it took longer than normal, the raid was conquered, which means there's new content available for all.

According to IGN, Clan Redeem was the first to complete the Last Wish raid, but it certainly wasn't easy. The Last Wish went live at 10AM PT on September 14 and it took the group a little under 19 hours to finish the fight. This is the longest it's taken for any Destiny 2 raid to be completed.

With the Last Wish raid complete, new Dreaming City themed Strike and Gambit maps are now open to everyone. In addition to this, all players will now be treated to a new cutscene as they enter the Dreaming City location.

Dreaming City - Strike
Dreaming City - Gambit

Those who wish to take on the Last Wish raid for themselves are still welcome to do so and are advised to check out our Last Wish raid guide. (Check out our full Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign walkthrough while you're at it.) But be sure to brew some coffee, because if it took Clan Redeem 18 hours and 48 minutes to complete this thing, imagine how long it'll take the average Destiny 2 clan.

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