Where to find Cursed Cannonballs in Sea of Thieves

Become the deadliest pirate on the sea by stocking up on cursed cannonballs.


Cursed cannonballs have finally been released into the wild for pirates to discover and collect in Sea of Thieves, though knowing where they are isn’t entirely obvious. Players looking to get an advantage over other pirates will want to know where to find cursed cannonballs, and lots of them!

Where to find Cursed Cannonballs

Cursed cannonballs are the latest and greatest weapon type introduced to Sea of Thieves, shaking up the combat meta and demanding players take into account another team’s arsenal. Taking the time to find a good supply of cursed cannonballs should be a top priority for all players who want to avoid getting their ship sunk by enemies. It’s also worth knowing all cursed cannonball types, so there are no surprises during a tussle!

There are two primary things to consider when searching for cursed cannonballs:

  • Cursed cannonballs spawn in resource barrels
  • The type of cursed cannonball is entirely random

The first of these two points is fairly obvious; the only place to find cursed cannonballs is to search through resource barrels. This means that all resource barrels are fair gaming: those found at outposts, islands, and skull forts, floating barrels in the ocean, and resource barrels in sunken ships. Stopping at all these locations and looking in the barrels should yield an impressive amount of cursed cannonballs.

Secondly, the type of cursed cannonballs found in chests is totally and utterly random. Players looking to get their hands on the wearyball or jigball (arguably some of the strongest cursed cannonballs in the game right now) will simply need to search through as many resource chests as possible, as there is no guaranteed way to find that specific ball.

The good news is that players can carry as many cursed cannonballs as will fit in the new type of cannonball barrel on the ship (or at least until Rare makes any changes). It’s always a good idea to stop at every resource barrel and take a look, as the cursed cannonballs are exceptionally powerful in combat. A good idea is to store the cursed cannonballs in a separate barrel, that way it’s easier to grab the correct type of munitions during the heat of battle.

Sea of Thieves currently has a new Bilge Rat adventure based entirely around the cursed cannonballs, so take the time to read up on the Cursed Crew commendations to earn yourself some doubloons. Looking for more tips and tricks? Check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough!

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