All cursed cannonballs in Sea of Thieves

Every cursed cannonball and how they affect the players and ships.


Cursed cannonballs are a brand new threat released into the world of Sea of Thieves with the recent free DLC, Cursed Sails. While at the start the only ones able to collect and fire cursed cannonballs were the skeleton ships, soon players will be able to start finding, storing, and firing the deadly cannonballs. Before getting into a scrap with another player, it’s worth taking some time to learn about the new weapon systems being used on the Sea of Thieves.

All cursed cannonballs

There are two distinct differences in the various cursed cannonballs that can be found around the world in Sea of Thieves: one type affects players and the other type affects the ship. A cursed cannonball which will affect a player has a limited splash radius, meaning that it will not affect every single person on a ship, just those in close to where it hit. Meanwhile, a cursed cannonball that affects the ship will immediately activate no matter what part it hits.

Icon Name Target Cursed Cannonball Effect
Anchorball Ship Drops or raises a ship's anchor depending on its position
Limpball Player Breaks the legs of all nearby crew members
Jigball Player Forces players to dance for several seconds
Grogball Player Causes players to immediately throw up and then leaves them mildly drunk for several seconds
Barrelball Ship Locks all resource barrels, preventing players from resupplying
Venomball Player Poisons players, dealing damage over time (like the snake spit)
Riggingball Ship Raises all sails and locks them in place, preventing players from changing them
Wearyball Player Forces players to perform the "sleep" emote for several seconds
Helmball Ship Locks the helm (wheel) in place, preventing major movements
Peaceball Ship Disables a ship's cannons
Ballastball Ship Makes a ship ride lower in the water

Using the cursed cannonballs strategically will lead to fast victories, especially when used in combination with one another. However, players on the receiving end of a cursed cannonball will see the shot coming, as the cannon will glow with an eerie mist, signalling that a cursed cannonball has been loaded. 

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