Intensity emote and Ravage outfit land in latest Fortnite Item Shop update

The new Technoviking-inspired Intensity dance emote and the Ravage outfit are among the latest additions to Fortnite's ever-evolving item shop.


Nary a day goes by without Epic Games' hit battle royale title Fortnite getting some new content. Following up on the events of last week which saw the mysterious spawning of a massive purple box, this week Fortnite players are being treated to some cool new goods in the in-game item shop, including the new Intensity dancing emote as well as the menacing Ravage outfit.

Proper emote choice is the key to proud Fortnite victories, and players are always looking out for the latest signature move that speaks to their own personal skills — or perhaps even a lack of skills in their opponent. Toward that end, the new Intensity emote should serve well. Check it out below.

Though some Fortnite players will be lost on the reference, the new Intensity emote dance is clearly inspired by the classic Technoviking video, the likes of which we've conveniently featured below.

How's that for a throwback? Anyway, the new Fortnite Item Shop update also now includes the much-revered Ravage outfit, which certainly seems to exude a confident air perfect for players trying to make a name for themselves by eradicating others.

Staying on top of new developments in Fortnite like the Intensity emote and Ravager skin isn't always easy, which is why Shacknews is doing its part to help keep fans on top of the latest new items and events. For even more coverage of Epic Games' popular free-to-play title, be sure to stop by our Fortnite strategy and guide hub.

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