Onrush gets Ranked Mode: Summer Slam season begins August 27

Codemasters latest arcade racer picks up the ranked online mode its fans have been waiting for.


While Codemasters’ newest arcade racing title Onrush released to favorable reviews during the E3 2018 news rush, the game failed to find a huge audience, leading to lackluster sales. The poor performance at retail lead to layoffs at the game’s development studio, but Codemasters is still committed to supporting the game post-launch. The game has received an update that adds a much requested Ranked Mode to the online feature set. Additionally, a new competitive season, dubbed the Onrush Summer Slam, will begin on August 27.

Before the start of the Summer Slam season, players can compete for skill level placement and will be issued one of the following ranks prior to the season start:

  • Bronze: Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Silver: Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Gold: Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Platinum: Jack, Queen, King, Ace

“Ranked Mode is something the community have been asking for since day one, and we can’t wait for people to start battling it out to see who the best in the world is,” said Kris Pope, lead designer, Onrush. “In Ranked Mode, your rank will go up or down depending on how well you perform in-game. Winning as a team is, of course, the aim of the game, but individual achievements, such as the MVP award, will also help your ranking.”

Onrush Summer Slam will run for eight weeks and will contain new celebrations, new epic character outfits, new epic vehicle shells, new epic liveries, XP bonuses, and new Tombstones. Onrush is currently available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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