E3 2018: Halo Infinite, Fallout 76, and All Trailers and Reveals from Xbox E3 Briefing

We wrap up all of the biggest game trailers and reveals from the E3 2018 Xbox briefing, including Halo Infinite, Fallout 76, Kingdom Hearts 3, and more. 


The Xbox E3 2018 briefing has now concluded, and gamers have been treated to loads of new game reveals, trailers, details, and more. Keeping up with all of it is a big task — but don't worry, we've collected together all of the biggest must-know highlights below.

Halo Infinite

We don't know very much about Halo Infinite so far, but the latest teaser trailer, featured above, does give players a taste of the action to come. However, we do know that it will be running on the SlipSpace game engine.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be published by Activision, indicating a multiplatform release even though Microsoft got dibs on the world premiere at its E3 press conference. The newest game from the "Soulsborne" franchise creator seems cut from the same third-person-action cloth as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, set in what appears to be feudal Japan.

Fallout 76

Bethesda's latest title Fallout 76 is set in the hills of West Virginia, hence the John Denver song and references scattered throughout its trailer and marketing materials, so it's going to make for an interesting addition to the saga. It's said to be four times bigger than Fallout 4, according to Howard, and the game's focus will center around rebuilding the world as best as humanity can after the bombs initially drop.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The next game from Square Enix and Dontnod has been revealed on Microsofts stage at E3. The game is called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and it follows a young child who aspires to be a superhero. Not too many details were given, but the game resembles the Life is Strange series as far as art direction goes, and it's likely that the game will lean into player choices as well. We do know that it will release for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 26.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 will be set in Britain, with dynamic seasons in a shared open world, running with a 60fps mode. You can seamlessly enter into co-op mode from within the game world, with seasons, various different times of day, and weather synced across the entirety of the community. For example, a lake would be frozen in winter just like it would be in real life.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Microsoft hosted a new trailer from Kingdom Hearts 3, delighting long-time fans of the series with a first look at the game's Frozen world — marking the first occasion the blockbuster film will be immortalized in a Kingdom Hearts game — as well as the first glimpse at the Gummi ship.

Metro Exodus

The latest Metro Exodus trailer gives more deep looks into the game, including loads of grim and scenic vistas set around post-apocalyptic Moscow. In particular, the new trailer also allows players to catch brief glimpses of several demonic-looking monsters, plus get an early look at the game's modular weapons system.

Crackdown 3

The newest trailer for Crackdown 3 leans heavily on featured star Terry Crews and shows lots of classic Crackdown destruction. Notably absent from the trailer was the building toppling destruction that was promised when the game was debuted years ago, but we’ll probably learn more about that in the coming months before the game releases.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Fans of PUBG will be happy to know that the introduction of new maps and environments will continue for the foreseeable future. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known more widely as PUBG, debuted a new snow map at the Microsoft E3 2018 press conference. We don’t yet have a name, or many details at all, but the end of the trailer showed a player tracking another using their footprints in the snow. If that's a mechanic in included, PUBG could be in for an interesting new take with its snow map.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The newest trailer for Eidos Montreal's and Square Enix's Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which premiered at today's E3 2018 Xbox Briefing, showed Lara raiding tombs, swinging from vines, and pursuing ancient artifacts. The most salient bit of info to come from the trailer is a September 14 release date across multiple platforms.

We Happy Few

Microsoft made some waves during their E3 2018 show by announcing the acquisition of several studios. One of these studios is Compulsion Games, developers of We Happy Few. The game has been in early access on PC for a long time now, but appears to be nearing completion. Microsoft announced that We Happy Few would be releasing on August 10 and shared a brand new trailer.

The Division 2

The latest gameplay reveal showcases the sort of high quality visuals that The Division was known for. Things are a lot more open in The Division 2, however, with lush, overgrown forest environments dotted by broken-down cars and other signs of civilizations now lost. Cover and gunplay look to function the same as ever, which is to say very well, with the hero and his allies doing battle with a number of enemies near the ruined fuselage of Air Force One.


Microsoft announced that skating game Session would be coming to Xbox One today, jumping on the hype train chugging along with the potential of a Skate 4 release. Well, we didn't get Skate 4, but we did at the very least get a skating game in terms of Session.

Devil May Cry 5

After 10 years, the next mainline installment in the Devil May Cry series has been announced. An action-packed cinematic trailer featuring Dante was shown, but not too many other details were provided. The game is being produced by Matt Walker, though no release window has been revealed. It's also been confirmed that Devil May Cry 5 will have three different playable characters.


The possibility of a Battletoads reboot has been hinted at for years, and the rumors have borne fruit. Not many details are known, however. Today's reveal trailer was more of a teaser. Microsoft may drop more details once E3 2018 kicks into high gear later this week.

Dying Light 2

Purportedly just about everything in the Dying Light 2 world can change based on the players' decisions: one example was access to a fresh water supply, the likes of which is capable of bringing relative peace to the people in the streets, but also allowing the player to replenish their own health on-the-go.

Gears POP!

The Coalition announced two new games in the Gears universe: Gears POP! and Gears Tactics. The cartoony Gears Pop is obviously based on the adorable series of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, of which there are dozens of different varieties.


Cuphead arrived on the scene last year to critical and commercial success thanks to its unique look and challenging gameplay. The game managed to snag both the Best Art Style and Xbox Game of the Year awards from us in 2017. During its E3 2018 show in Los Angeles today, Microsoft gave the world its first look at Cuphead’s anticipated DLC, The Delicious Last Course.

Jump Force

The latest Bandai Namco game Jump Force looks like a fighting game that has a Smash Bros. style mashup feel in a 3D environment. Featuring legendary anime characters, Jump Force is expected to release in 2019.

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 will find players taking on Rico's role once more as they zoom across the fictional South American town of Solis, where you'll be met with plenty of cool vehicles to jump in and totally wreck the environment. Yes, destructible environments look like they're back, in a big way.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 will be the CD Projekt Red's follow-up to the massive success of The Witcher 3, the RPG widely considered to be one of the best of all time. The game was confirmed to be in development over five years ago at the Polish development house. While the project has maintained a constant level of hype since, the excitement grew in the last few months after rumors spread that the game would be appearing during E3 2018. It appears those rumors were true.

Other E3 2018 Xbox Briefing News

There was more to Microsoft's E3 2018 briefing than just new games. Microsoft's own Phil Spencer announced that several new development studios have joined together under the Microsoft banner. These include Microsoft's own new studio Initivative Games as well as the likes of other high-profile developers like Undead Labs, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and Ninja Theory. In even more exciting news, Spencer also took to the stage to announce that the next Xbox console is currently in development, though no other details were given. We may get a chance to hear more about the upcoming hardware during the proper E3 2018 experience.

Shacknews' coverage of everything E3 2018 continues, so be sure to keep it tuned here for the latest and greatest game trailers and reveals to come out of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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