WWDC 2018: Apple Announces Group FaceTime for iOS 12, Supports 32 People At Once

Apple is bringing the FaceTime experience to your entire group of friends.


Apple took to the stage for its WWDC Keynote presentation this morning and gave the world the first glimpse of iOS 12 and a boatload of new AR features. FaceTime, the popular video calling application, is also getting a major upgrade with iOS 12. For the first time ever, FaceTime will support group calling. You will be able to initiate video calls with groups of up to 32 people at once after the update.

If you are wondering how helpful having 32 faces on your phone screen will be helpful or useful, you are not alone. Thankfully, Apple has you covered. The tiles that contain the video feeds from each member of the call will dynamically change size as needed. If someone on the call starts speaking, that person’s video tile will grow larger as the others shrink down in size. It will be similar to Google’s Hangouts feature.

In addition to seeing your face during the calls, participants can also see and make use of the new Animoji and Memoji features that were also unveiled during the WWDC 2018 keynote.

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