WWDC 2018: iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts App Hopes To Improve Your Searches

Apple has improved Siri and integrated features to bring it up to par with Google’s Assistant.


Apple took to the stage for its WWDC Keynote presentation this morning and gave the world the first glimpse of iOS 12 and a boatload of new AR features. Also making an appearance on the stage was the newest version of Siri, the iOS digital assistant, and her new companion app, known as Shortcuts. Users can take advantage of the new Shortcuts app to streamline the use of apps during day to day activities.

The onstage demo of Shortcuts revealed how the app can use your location and purchase history to offer lock screen memos for things like coffee purchases. The location services are also used when you go to places like the gym, where Shortcuts can preemptively place a lock screen icon for your fitness app. The stage demo also showed how Shortcuts can leverage data across your applications to make Siri’s responses more helpful.

All of the new abilities provided by the shortcuts app will also allow Siri to give suggestions that are more helpful. Location and context-sensitive suggestionions will be provided on the lock screen by Siri when appropriate.

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