WWDC 2018: iOS 12 Photos Update Includes Smart Searching and Sharing

New iOS 12 functionality includes a robust update to Photos that allows for extended searching and sharing features.


Apple has taken the stage at this year's WWDC 2018 presentation to show off the latest features and functions that iPhone users can expect with the company's latest mobile operating system iOS 12. Among other features like ARKit 2 or extended Siri functionality, users can look forward to an overhauled Photos experience that offers new functions centered around searching and sharing.

The newest Photos update will include new search features that allow users to search by key phrase like cars, dogs, flowers, and more. Search suggestions will highlight key moments from the user's photo log as well as important people, places, and so on. Photos will also be able to search through photo albums and identify photos by event types, like concerts or sporting events.

Beyond this, the New For You tab will include all of the user's individual memories, and will also include several other highlights through featured photos. iOS 12 will also suggest effects that users may be interested in applying as well as new shared album activities.

The iOS 12 focus on sharing comes through Sharing Suggestions, which can recognize photo contents and suggest who the user may wish to share them with based on which people are featured in the photo. This functionality will also work with other user's phones to suggest photos back and forth, so that both users can have the complete collection of photos from any given event.

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